October 2013

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2014 Open Enrollment Coming Soon

Audience: U.S. Puerto Rico & Canada full-time hourly & salaried, Canada part-time (U.S., Canada-English)

Your opportunity to enroll in or change your benefits and dependent coverage for 2014 takes place October 30 through November 13. Webinars will also be available for U.S. employees. Find all the information you need at the links above.

l’inscription ouverte 2014 se rapproche à grands pas

Public visé : employés horaires à temps plein, salariés et employés à temps partiel canadiens (en français)

Souscrivez de nouvelles prestations, modifiez vos prestations actuelles ou ajustez la couverture des personnes à votre charge pour l’année 2014 du 30 octobre au 13 novembre. Le lien ci-dessus contient tous les renseignements dont vous avez besoin.

Register for Holiday Helper by November 8

Audience: All employees

Learn healthy holiday habits with Holiday Helper – the first 2014 myWell-Being Global Wellness Program. Incentive-eligible myWell-Being Program participants can earn up to $50 in 2014 for completing Holiday Helper.

Overall myWell-Being Program Satisfaction Scores Increase

Audience: U.S. mainland full-time, CPTs, Puerto Rico, Hawaii salaried, U.S. inpats, U.S. expats

The 2013 myWell-Being Survey Results Summary is now available. See what you and your colleagues had to say about the myWell-Being Programs.

Celebrate a Day without Tobacco on November 21

Audience: U.S. mainland & Puerto Rico full-time & CPT, Hawaii salaried, U.S. expats, U.S. inpats

Celebrate the Great American Smokeout® on November 21 by preparing for your “quit” now. Enroll in the Quit For Life Program today. Incentive-eligible myWell-Being Program participants may receive up to $50 after completing four calls with a Quit Coach.

Get the Maximum Benefit from Participating: Attend a myWell-Being Webinar

Audience:  U.S. mainland full-time & CPT, Puerto Rico, Hawaii salaried, U.S. inpats, U.S. expats

Only three 2013 myWell-Being Webinar dates remain. These free, online information sessions provide a comprehensive overview of the myWell-Being Program and incentives. Register for webinars to be held at 12 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. ET, on October 23 and November 6 and 18.

Register for the Final “Four Ways to Plan Smart” and “Retire Smart” Seminars

Audience: Derry Township-area salaried employees

Your final 2013 opportunity to attend an Ayco Four Ways to Plan Smart or Retire Smart seminar is November 13 . Learn how to meet your short-term financial goals while improving your long-term financial situation with Four Ways to Plan Smart. Develop a plan to meet your retirement goals with Retire Smart.

Ahoy matey! Congratulations to the Sun Life Financial “Treasure Hunt” Winners

Audience: Canada full- and part-time (English, French)

Thanks to the Sun Life Financial “Treasure Hunt” participants who discovered sweet deals at mysunlife.ca and masunlife.ca. Find out which of your colleagues scored buried treasure (one-of-three $100 gift cards) among their booty, aka the Hershey Canada Inc. Retirement Plan.