It's time to hold performance and compensation conversations.


February 27, 2014


It's Time to Hold Performance & Compensation Conversations

J.P. Bilbrey recently announced that Hershey strongly delivered its fourth-consecutive year of at least seven-percent growth. Now it's time for you to hold conversations with your salaried employees about their 2013 performance and how it links to their pay.

Conversations should include these messages:

ü It is a great time to be at Hershey -- we are winning in the marketplace and with talent.

ü How your employees' individual performance contributed to Hershey's successful business results.

ü Remind employees that their performance was calibrated in line with Hershey's pay-for-performance philosophy.


Performance Conversation
To-Do List:

o Prior to holding conversations:

1. Review year-end resources.

ü End-of-Year Performance Conversations (English, French, Spanish, Chinese)

ü Understanding Your Employee’s Compensation Statement (English, French, Spanish, Chinese)

2. Print Compensation Statements.

3. Review Performance Forms.

o Hold performance and compensation conversations and share documentation by March 7.

o Between March 3 and 7, select "manager acknowledge" in the To Do box on the SuccessFactors homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if an employee recently moved to a new manager due to a position change?

A.  Only the new manager will have access to the performance form and the compensation statement. If the former manager prefers to hold the performance conversation, the current and former manager should discuss with each other to reach agreement on their roles in the performance discussion.

Q. When can I expect my "One Hershey Incentive Program" award payment?

A.   Eligible employees can expect  award payments on the following dates:

Tuesday, March 11 (U.S. and Canada)

Friday, March 14 (Mexico)

Payment dates in other countries will follow the local pay schedules.

Q. When is merit effective?

A.   Merit is effective globally on Tuesday, April 1.

Q. If I am unable to hold an employee conversation due to the employee being on leave, whom should I tell?

A. Notify the myHR Support Center that the employee is on leave during the performance conversation dates and conduct the conversation as soon as the employee returns.

Q. What about Incentive-eligible former employees?

A.   Human Resources will send One Hershey Incentive award payments directly to incentive-eligible former employees. There is nothing you need to do.  

Q. What if I'm having technical issues with the performance system?

A.   Contact the IS Support Center:

· U.S. and Canada: 1-800-233-2170 or 1-717-534-5630

· Mexico: 001-800-609-0354

· International: IDD+1-717-534-5630

What is Coming

Acknowledge Performance Forms and Conversations

The March "HR Now for employees" will advise employees with performance forms that by 5 p.m. ET on Monday, March 17, they need to confirm that a performance conversation was held with their manager.

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