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                                                                                                                               October 2013


What You Need to Know

  2013 Year-End Performance Process

The 2013 Year-End Performance Process is an important investment in your team and building Hershey's high-performance culture.

Use the following resources to effectively deliver the Year-End Performance Process:

- Year-End Performance and Compensation FAQs

What You Need to Do

o Add manager comments for Goal results and Global Leadership Behaviors on employee Performance forms.

o Review the Year-End Performance Process resources on (English and Chinese, Spanish, French).

- Manager Year-End Timeline

- Performance and Compensation Year-End Checklist for Managers

- Manager Reporting in SuccessFactors (English, Spanish, French, Chinese)


- Employees should enter results and Global Leadership Behavior comments on their Performance Assessment form now. You should also add your comments to employee Performance forms. To enter results or add comments, employee forms must be at the "Add Results" step. While in the Add Results step, your comments will not be visible to employees. Directions for this step are located at the top of the Performance form.

Manager Accountabilities

  Salaried Employee Terminations

Before an employee's last day, you must notify the myHR Support Center by processing the termination in Manager Services. Within seven days of an employee's termination, you must complete the Termination Checklist.

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