Getting Down with the Duck at the Business Professionals February 2015 Mixer

David Bruno, networking group administrator, hosted the first Business Professionals of Greater Harrisburg & Central PA mixer of 2015 on February 25 at the Coliseum Megaplex in Camp Hill, PA. If you read my blog about attending my first mixer, you may remember that I followed the advice I’d read on how to feel comfortable at a networking event. My self-assigned role promoting the mixers through taking event photos and then blogging about it provides the perfect opportunity to speak with everyone and drive traffic to my LinkedIn posts and my website. That role’s success became evident at the latest mixer. Continue Reading →

Business Professionals Find More Than Guns While Networking

What does the Business Professionals of Greater Harrisburg and Central PA have in common with guns and a gorgeous meeting space? If you attended the November 19, 2014, mixer, you know the answer – Trop Elite Equipment in Elizabethtown, PA. Trop Elite Equipment hosted the November mixer in their second-floor event space, “The Club.” Karen Diehl, Club Liaison, and Luis Bermudez, Creative Director, briefed attendees on the history of The Club, gave a tour of The Club and the store, and explained the many amenities The Club offers as part of its rental packages, such as: Private entrance Cigar deck Continue Reading →

Avoid Eating Unpopped Kernels of Corn by Doing Your Research Before Heading to that Interview

Following a recent brief phone interview with a recruiter, I received an offer for an in-person interview for the next day. Exciting news, right? Read on. The recruiter told me the company’s name (I confirmed the spelling with him), that they are a growing global company expanding into my region, and they have a niche market for the products they sell. I specifically asked for and received assurance this was not a sales position — my interview was for a management position. Several flags went up during the 10-minute conversation. Among them, the interviewer tried to butter me up so Continue Reading →

Losing Your Job? That Sucks. Ten Tips for Dealing with Job Loss and What to Expect

Just found out you are losing your job? Let’s be honest. That sucks. I empathize with the state of suckiness in which you reside. In June 2013, I received confirmation of the planned elimination of my position due to employee communications being consolidated within Corporate Communications. What was supposed to be a six-week transition turned into nine months (I gave birth to an unemployment “labor” statistic). The extensions provided more time to save money and prepare for the inevitable. Yet, with all my preparation, when March 28, 2014, arrived, the reality of losing my job still sucked. Here are my Continue Reading →

No Longer a Networking Virgin: Happy Hour Mixer Sparks Conversations & Connections

I can proudly say that I am no longer a networking virgin. Part of my “economic-recovery plan” (i.e., finding a job) includes taking advantage of networking events. I belong to the Business Professionals of Greater Harrisburg & Central PA LinkedIn group, but had not yet attended one of their mixers. I took the plunge, attending my first event on June 25, 2014. Being the organized person that I am, prior to the mixer, I researched how to get the most value out of a networking event. I found a great suggestion – find a role for yourself at the event. Continue Reading →

“Perfect Combination” Wins 2014 IABC Gold Quill Merit Award

I received good news recently, and it started with an email from my former manager, Mel (otherwise known as “the fun, yet wise leader”), “During the HR Quarterly meeting today you were included in one of the HR Hoorays … So your legacy lives on!” Really? That’s awesome! How? Why? The Hershey Retirement Plans team and I received recognition for the 2013 Hershey 401(k) “Perfect Combination” web registration campaign. It’s always nice to get kudos, and it was a much-needed reminder two months into unemployment that said, “Hey, you really do know what you are doing and you do your Continue Reading →

Newly Unemployed, a Whiteboard, and Troy

Hello and welcome. This is my introductory blog on the JNC website.  Despite what my amazing former manager hoped (that I’d take a couple of weeks off to relax), I fill my days with the things I want and need to accomplish. My (some say “infamous”) task list has moved from Outlook to a whiteboard located directly above Troy Polamalu in my home office for inspiration (Go Steelers!!). You’ll notice that you don’t see “Make dinner” on it. You’ll only see that one weekend a month (yes, I keep my whiteboard task list on weekends, too) when my husband has Continue Reading →