Showing Off at Penn College

I’ve said it before (on my LinkedIn page), that one of my favorite parts of my job as an HR manager at Highway Equipment & Supply Co. is any opportunity I get to spend time at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. On February 15, 2017 (my birthday), I took, Mary Alexander, Highway’s new marketing and communications assistant to Penn College’s Earth Science Center because I thought it was important that she experience firsthand our relationship with the school and see how really awesome it is there.

We met with and received a tour of the heavy construction equipment technician program from Justin Beishline, assistant dean, School of Transportation & Natural Resources technologies. And I got in a wave to one of our fantastic interns from last summer.

While I never attended Penn College, I love showing it off and attending programs on campus. You’ll find me at Penn College’s Earth Science Center again on March 20 for an Info Session with the Heavy Construction Equipment Technicians promoting my summer internship opportunities at Highway, and then again at the Field House on Penn College’s main campus on March 12 for Career Fair.


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