myHR News: Increasing Awareness, Participation in Hershey’s Total Rewards Package

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These monthly consolidated HTML-designed e-newsletters promoted Hershey’s total rewards package and supported the “Great Place to Work” initiative by increasing awareness of and participation in Hershey’s benefits and programs.


The myHR News monthly emails were part of the overall HR Communications strategy to consolidate all non-compliance emails into  either the “promotional” myHR News or the action-required HR Nows. The myHR News were sent to all employees globally with Hershey email addresses. Most “articles” were supplemented with digital signage, posters (printed as desired at each Hershey location), vendor communications, etc. The articles linked to content on the website reinforcing its use as the one source for all HR information.

JNC Role: As part of the yearly communications strategy, I worked with content owners and benefit managers to map out their communications for the year, selecting topics and timing. I assembled and wrote content, designed complementary communications, ensured content was updated and posted on the myHR website, and the proper audience identified. I designed each myHR News, provided preview copies to the myHR Support Center (Hershey’s HR call center), and distributed complementary communications.

Audience: All employees globally. Targeted audience identified within each article.

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If you are interested in looking at the myWell-Being e-magazine, please use this preview link. Examples of complementary communications include the myWell-Being e-Magazine digital signage and poster.

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Examples of complementary communications include the There’s Still Time digital signage, poster, and a myHR website posting.

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Examples of complementary communications include Open Enrollment digital signage (in French) and poster (in English)


While Hershey did not possess the technology to track usage and click-through rates, vendors and program administrators reported upticks in program participation and vendor website activity.

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More examples of complementary communications are available throughout the portfolio.

I appreciate your comments and feedback about any of these communications. Let me know what you like or don’t like or if you have any questions about the communication strategy, the program, or vendors used. Just ask me! Also, from one peer to another, if you see a typo, please let me know. Thanks!

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