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Welcome to my virtual communications portfolio.

My HR communications philosophy emphasizes simple, easy-to-understand messaging, stripped of fluff and jargon.

The Hershey Company

The communications included here are a sampling of the thousands that I created while employed as the HR Communications department at The Hershey Company. I say “the HR Communications department” because I did it all — designing, drafting, writing, editing, graphics editing, coordinating production, running queries in SAP, photography, video production and editing — you name it!

Unless indicated, all communications in this portfolio were designed, written, and/or executed by Jennifer Nauss Conway, and are the property of The Hershey Company. Some documents are presented here in programs other than what they were originally created to preserve formatting across browsers and to allow posting on this website. This page is updated frequently.

You will find communications containing jargon and fluff here because that’s what the powers-that-be, much higher on the food chain than myself, insisted on.

  • HR Now: What You Need to Know, What You Need to Do
  • myHR News: Increasing Awareness, Participation in Hershey’s Total Rewards Package
  • myHR Website
  • myWell-Being Program: Making Wellness Fun and Saving Lives
    • Making Wellness Fun: the myWell-Being e-Magazine
    • There’s Still Time
    • Faces of myWell-Being
    • Save a Life
  • Lifestyle Returns: Saving Lives, Reducing Medical Expenses
  • Perfect Combination Campaign: 2014 IABC Gold Quill Merit Award Winner
  • 401(k)
  • Benefits
  • Compliance
  • Open Enrollment
  • Other Communications

HR Communications Strategy

The overarching Hershey HR Communications strategy limited the number of non-compliance emails sent to Hershey employees. All email communications funneled through the myHR Communications mailbox. There were three primary emails into which the majority of communications were consolidated: HR Now (one each for people leaders and for employees) and myHR News. I worked closely with my clients in the centers of excellence, content and program owners, subject matter experts, and vendors to ensure they identified anything they needed to communicate in advance of deadlines. This made the HR Communications Calendar very important.

As most of my clients had little or no budget, the general communication tactic was to email salaried employees through the three methods above and complement those communications with digital signage. Fewer than half of the hourly employees had regular access to email, so while they were included in the myHR News (and based on the feedback I received, enjoyed reading them), we had to rely on posters and digital signage. Anything important was mailed to the homes of hourly employees, unless required by law, then all employees received by mail.

An integral part of the HR Communications strategy aligned communications with the myHR Support Center, Hershey’s HR call center, by directing all employees as a tier zero response to for detailed information. The myHR website was designed to be a one-stop source for all HR information in lieu of calling or emailing the myHR Support Center. So while not all employees had access to a computer at work, most employees had a computer at home or a mobile device from which they could access As the myHR website did not have easily remembered deep links, I designed all posters and digital signage with a simple keyword search to help employees locate the information.

HR Communications Calendar

I created and maintained this rolling calendar (completed years archived). The calendar was set each year with the input from content owners, subject matter experts, centers of excellence, program administrators, and vendors. Unless otherwise indicated, I was responsible for the design and execution of these communications. Use the filters for easy sorting.

2014 HR Communications Calendar

November 2012-December 2013 HR Communications Calendar

For the Fun of It

Do you need a fun, entertaining, and/or amusing diversion? Check out my For the Fun of It page.

More Information

I appreciate your comments and feedback about any of these communications. Let me know what you like or don’t like or if you have any questions about the communication strategy, the program, or vendors used.

Out of professional courtesy, if you see a typo, please let me know by sending me an email to

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