HR Pros are Humans, Too

HR professionals are humans, too.

We aren’t always prim and proper (or at least some of us aren’t — like me).

We experience bad moods and days when our mouths work faster than our brains can filter out the stuff we shouldn’t say. You know, those “Did I just say that out loud?” moments.

As we say in our family, sometimes “we lose our shit.” Sometimes, we make mistakes. We have to deal with people who aren’t nice, who think it’s okay to yell, scream, and curse at us. We deal with stupid people who do stupid things, and we have to keep a straight face while dealing with it. We may know confidential information that’s eating us up inside.

We work with people when they are at their lowest, such as facing termination or needing time off for a serious illness.

The moral of this story? No one dreams of working in HR when they are a child. Being an HR pro isn’t easy, but we do it (or at least I do) because we have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. We strive to treat people with dignity. And at the end of the day, I hope that I’ve demonstrated compassion and respect for the folks I work with the majority of the time.


What do you think HR pros? Did any of this sound familiar and relatable? Do you find that because you work in HR, you feel like you aren’t allowed to make mistakes, that you have to strive for perfection in your work and your work relationships?

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