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What I Do

  • HR Department of One: HR manager, payroll, employee relations, full-cycle recruiting, performance management, succession planning, benefits administration (including plan design)
  • Writer, editor
  • Blogger, website administrator, content writer
  • Human resource, employee, and internal communications
  • Communication design and planning
  • Holistic, common-sense approach to human resource management
    • Wellness
    • Recruiting and sourcing
    • Organizational development
    • Employee engagement
    • HR analysis
  • Event planning
  • Program administration
  • Continuous improvement
  • Goal/Metric-driven approach
  • Entrepreneur
  • Community volunteer and pitbull advocate

Here’s a little JNC trivia: I love to teach country line dancing, I used to own my own DJ business, and I am a former on-air DJ. Can you say, “Extrovert!”?

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Let’s Get Personal

Building trusting, collaborative relationships requires getting to know the person you working with. It’s not just what a person does while at work, but also how they treat the people around them and who they are outside of work that defines their character. Do you know their likes or dislikes? Are they great at what they do while remaining genuine and honest or are they great at what they do, but otherwise they aren’t a very nice person? Who someone really is, not just how good they are at their job is important to me, so here are a couple things about me that you won’t find on my resume:

Raised: I went to school and was raised in Mechanicsburg, PA, a suburb on the West Shore of Harrisburg.

Where I’ve lived: I have lived most of my life in Central PA. I raised my kids in Hershey and consider it my adopted hometown. I now live in the suburban East Shore of Harrisburg — about halfway between downtown Harrisburg and Hershey. Otherwise, I spent three-and-a-half years in Orange County, CA (lived in Placentia, worked in Anaheim Hills), and one year in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Family: I have two adult daughters, Rhiannon and Savannah. Rhiannon is married, a mom, and owns her own business. Savannah is a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force where she works in the JAG office as a paralegal/law office manager. She also served in Security Forces as a cop and as a criminal investigator. I have two grandsons, Cory Jr. and Kasey,  (Trojan Pride Never Dies!), and a granddaughter, Charlie.

More to come…

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