Showing Off at Penn College

I’ve said it before (on my LinkedIn page), that one of my favorite parts of my job as an HR manager at Highway Equipment & Supply Co. is any opportunity I get to spend time at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. On February 15, 2017 (my birthday), I took, Mary Alexander, Highway’s new marketing and communications assistant to Penn College’s Earth Science Center because I thought it was important that she experience firsthand our relationship with the school and see how really awesome it is there. We met with and received a tour of the heavy construction equipment technician program from Continue Reading →

HR Pros are Humans, Too

HR professionals are humans, too. We aren’t always prim and proper (or at least some of us aren’t — like me). We experience bad moods and days when our mouths work faster than our brains can filter out the stuff we shouldn’t say. You know, those “Did I just say that out loud?” moments. As we say in our family, sometimes “we lose our shit.” Sometimes, we make mistakes. We have to deal with people who aren’t nice, who think it’s okay to yell, scream, and curse at us. We deal with stupid people who do stupid things, and we have Continue Reading →