No Longer a Networking Virgin: Happy Hour Mixer Sparks Conversations & Connections

I can proudly say that I am no longer a networking virgin. Part of my “economic-recovery plan” (i.e., finding a job) includes taking advantage of networking events. I belong to the Business Professionals of Greater Harrisburg & Central PA LinkedIn group, but had not yet attended one of their mixers. I took the plunge, attending my first event on June 25, 2014. Being the organized person that I am, prior to the mixer, I researched how to get the most value out of a networking event. I found a great suggestion – find a role for yourself at the event. Continue Reading →

“Perfect Combination” Wins 2014 IABC Gold Quill Merit Award

I received good news recently, and it started with an email from my former manager, Mel (otherwise known as “the fun, yet wise leader”), “During the HR Quarterly meeting today you were included in one of the HR Hoorays … So your legacy lives on!” Really? That’s awesome! How? Why? The Hershey Retirement Plans team and I received recognition for the 2013 Hershey 401(k) “Perfect Combination” web registration campaign. It’s always nice to get kudos, and it was a much-needed reminder two months into unemployment that said, “Hey, you really do know what you are doing and you do your Continue Reading →