Career Panelists Needed for Fun, Inspiring Event on May 27

I am on the Steering Committee for Junior Achievement of Central PA’s Young Women’s Futures Symposium. The Symposium is a full-day event for female sophomore/junior high school students who are considered to be in the academic middle of their class. The entire day is designed to prepare the young ladies for life after high school, open opportunities, encourage dreams, and build confidence within these young women through speakers, group activities, and networking with professionals like yourself. One of the day’s activities is to participate in a career exploration panel where the young ladies get to meet in small groups with Continue Reading →

Newly Unemployed, a Whiteboard, and Troy

Hello and welcome. This is my introductory blog on the JNC website.  Despite what my amazing former manager hoped (that I’d take a couple of weeks off to relax), I fill my days with the things I want and need to accomplish. My (some say “infamous”) task list has moved from Outlook to a whiteboard located directly above Troy Polamalu in my home office for inspiration (Go Steelers!!). You’ll notice that you don’t see “Make dinner” on it. You’ll only see that one weekend a month (yes, I keep my whiteboard task list on weekends, too) when my husband has Continue Reading →